Monday, March 22, 2010

Editors: Why Work With a Pro?

Writers often opt for professional editors and literary agents often recommend them, especially for first-time authors, because mistakes, simple and complex, are easy to miss.

Simple mistakes (grammar, punctuation, spelling) can be easy to fix, but complex problems (plot, theme, character development, transitions) can be tricky. An editor with knowledge in these areas can be invaluable. So can one with a thorough knowledge of grammar.

Working with a pro can save time, money and aggravation by showing you sooner rather than later the recurring errors that may be keeping your work from publication.

You may want to take your work to the next level, and a professional editor can provide the necessary perspective.

It can be an investment in your future. Writers often invest in master's degrees and conferences, but degrees are expensive and time-consuming, and you may need a more personal touch than conferences allow. A good manuscript edit educates you in areas of weakness.

Although publication is never guaranteed, not even for authors with multiple books in print, your chances improve as your work improves. You can also gain notice from publishers who would otherwise pass on your work because it lacks polish.

Professional editors have contacts in publishing, and many have worked in the field. Not only can they offer wisdom about those relationships, but some also provide referrals if they like your work.

Here's what editor Beth Bruno says: "If the author doesn't effectively engage the mind and heart of the reader, the work probably won't find its way to publication."

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