Friday, April 30, 2010

Heart and Mind: Engaging the Reader

Beth Bruno is a columnist, author and book editor. Her first book, Wild Tulips, was published in 2001 and went into a second printing in 2002. Beth is on the board of the Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association (CAPA) and has worked with numerous literary agents and publishers. Based on her referrals, several authors whose manuscripts she edited have seen mainstream publication. Her eclectic interests have given her broad experience in editing, and she shares two key insights here.

AA: What aspect of the writer-editor relationship is key to the success of working together?

BB: After completing a sample edit, the author and I shape the focus of the editing together. Providing feedback during the process is an integral part of our collaboration.

AA: What do feel is the most important requirement for a book, fiction or nonfiction, to be published?

BB: If the author doesn't effectively engage the mind and heart of the reader, the work probably won't find its way to publication.

Visit Beth Bruno at Book Editing Associates. Also visit Preditors and Editors, a trusted guide for information on publishers and writing services for serious writers.

Visit CAPA University for information on the seventh-annual writers conference on May 8 in Hartford, CT. Keynote speakers are doctors Henry Lee and Jerry Labriola on “Writing True Crime."

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