Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wrong or Write: On Inspiration and the Writing Life

Writer, blogger and satirist Lauren Salkin blows open the doors of traditional thoughts on writing and the writing life. Today, she posts on inspiration.

"It's a good thing I enjoy surprises now and then. A good game of, 'what's inside the dry cleaning bag?'offers hours of stimulating interactive fun, without commercial interruption. My closet has to be fun, yet orderly. I don't want to waste time hunting for casual clothes and that requires some kind of system."

"I like my closet organized by season. It's hard to find a summer blouse hanging among the winter blouses. Long sleeves have an advantage over short and often dwarf them, unless the short-sleeve blouse is colorful like its spring and summer counterparts. Choosing the correct, seasonally colored blouse is similar to choosing the correct word in a sentence. Placing the wrong verb in the wrong place can really screw things up, as does choosing the wrong pair of shoes for an outfit. Once you've arrived at the office, it's too late. Those shoes aren't going away until the end of the day, when they're tossed in the closet. Words, on the other hand, can go away at any given moment with a strike of a key."

For more musings from the gravitational pull of the mind, visit Lauren's blog, Think Spin.

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