Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Conversation: Not Just for Talking Anymore

I could drone on about tweets versus talk, chat versus conversation, but you probably already get the point. What may not be obvious, though, especially if we opt for the sound bite version of life, is how much writers get from real conversation. It may feel like wasted time or maybe more of a luxury but for writers it's essential.

Just think what real conversation yields, especially with people you love spending time with, especially if they're other writers. Story ideas, inspiration for projects, new ways to collaborate, information from people with new skills and expertise, new contacts. Whether we agree or disagree and disagreement, when done well, usually yields more than agreement on the things we discuss, we usually come away from real conversations enriched and energized.

So indulge. That's what it's about conversations about creativity. Have some!

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Aurora Lopez Cancino said...

So very very very true!!!
There are few events that shape my energy, optimism and inspiration more than a good conversation with true writers. Sharing ideas, learning, supporting and feeling part of a bigger project, a general wisdom, a creative community.