Friday, October 21, 2011

Editors Put the E in E-Publishing

The topic of discussion at this week's Ridgefield Writers Guild meeting was e-publishing whether to, how to, when to you name it. One take-away was the importance of selecting an e-publisher that offers good editing services. E-publishing author and expert Shawn Wilhelm (aka Tarah Scott) made the point that at some stage in a writer's career probably the earlier the better it's important to work with an editor whom the writer is not paying directly. And you're hearing that from someone who makes a living editing.

The point is that an editor whom you're paying, who's not part of a publisher's stable of editors freelance or otherwise instantly has a vested interest in making you, the writer, happy. That usually means the editor is less likely to be completely impartial about your work and your mistakes. E-publishing authors listed having a good editor as the most important facet of their writing.

Whether you opt to self-publish, e-publish or traditionally publish your work, the same principle applies — a good editor is worth her weight in gold.

Happy writing and editing!

Resources: Preditors and Editors and Manuscript Editing   


Your Writing Mentor said...

Thanks so much for these points. I couldn't agree with you more. Many of my happy-to-pay-me authors are thrilled that SOME ONE ELSE is editing their manuscript. After days of toiling over their work, they long for it to be out from under their sweat-soaked heft. I'm delighted to do the polishing part and am honored to have my worth be measured in gold!

Jennifer Manlowe, Author and Writing Coach

Adele Annesi said...

Thanks, Jennifer, for the observation. It's great to be appreciated!