Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Even More Great Resources for Writers

Great resources help make great writers
Literary Agent's Directory: This comprehensive listing of U.S.-based agents includes locations, phone numbers and websites.

LitReactor: LitReactor enables writers to improve their craft, gives readers a place gab about books and provides a platform to jump-start your writing goals. Offerings include monthly online classes, a great writers' workshop and a magazine filled with interviews, reviews and columns.

National Association of Memoir Writers (NAMW): The NAMW is a member-based organization for memoirists worldwide. This targeted memoir-writing community works on writing, marketing and publishing skills through events, teleseminars, articles and resources. The goal is to empower memoirists to develop and publish their stories in various venues.

PressBooks: Built on WordPress, PressBooks allows users to create e-books for any device, Web books for accessibility and promotion, and PDFs for print books and print on demand. The aim is an easy blogging-style way to get books into Kindle, Apple iBooks, Nook and other venues. This site gives bloggers a chance to collaborate, learn and network in a private forum. Whether you're looking to find readers, make money, write content, design a blog, collaborate, find technology help or get a critique, this eclectic site offers a bit of everything.

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