Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Better Never Than Late?

While some things are better never happening than late, writing isn't usually one of them. Even bad writing (though it doesn't need to see daylight), has a place, one called "practice."

For work you're planning to send, check out these markets for unusual stories:

Black Warrior Review: Poetry and nonfiction that is lyric and language-driven.

Blast Furnace: Poetry on the theme of the mysterious and the magical in the everyday.

Chagrin River Review: New fiction and poetry.

Cigale Literary Magazine: Flash fiction, short stories, literary criticism, book reviews, and artwork.

Gravel: Comics, graphics, art, photography, creative nonfiction, fiction and poetry.

Lunch Ticket: Creative nonfiction, writing for young people, fiction, poetry and art.

Tendril: Compelling poetry, prose and visual art that lean toward the experimental.

Vine Leaves Literary Journal: Vignettes on one element, such as mood, character, setting or object, in the form of prose, poetry, scripts and artwork/photography.

What writing  project are you working on today?

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