Friday, April 23, 2010

Flexible Flyers: Writing in Multiple Genres

Writer Dawn Aldrich, author of the children's picture book Auntie's House, is working on a nonfiction book for adult daughters of divorce. Today, she talks about deadlines, accountability and audience.

AA: How do you feel about deadlines that also demand a shift in different writing styles?

DA: Now, with the rewrite of my adult book looming over me, as well as composing another children's story, I find myself torn between these two genres. I read last night that writing in multiple genres simultaneously doesn't prove productive. To some extent that's true.

AA: How do you divide your time and writing efforts between writing for children and writing for adults?

DA: While I tend to gravitate to children's writing because it's fun, the adult book stays on the back burner. However, by joining a writers' group that includes some well-seasoned authors and editors, I've received encouragement and accountability to keep up. Writing for my blog, Dawn's New Day, also keeps me in practice and accountable to my adult audience.

Visit Dawn at her blog, Dawn's New Day, or her website, Dawn Aldrich.

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