Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Writing for Anthologies 2, With Writer and Editor Anne Witkavitch

This week, we continue our dialog on writing for the currently hot anthology market. Here's the next installment from editor and writer Anne Witkavitch, who compiled Press Pause Moments: Essays About Life Transitions by Women Writers, from the Press Pause Project.
Press Pause Moments
AA: How did you select and compile the storieswhat did you look for?

AW: Professionalism, quality of writing and diversity of stories were the most important criteria for me.  The initial weeding-out process was pretty easyit was clear that many people respond to every call for submissions put out there, regardless of whether their topic fits! Then I started reading the remaining essays for content, voice, pacing and tone. What I also looked for was presentation: Did the writers edit, proofread and submit their best work? Was their e-mail professional? Did they follow the guidelines, including word count? Finally, I wanted to have diversity among the types of transitions represented. Many people assume an anthology like this one would be geared toward midlife, but I believe we experience transitions throughout our lives and at all ages. I could not have done this without my second reader, my college roommate, Ann Zuccardy, who is also one of the contributing writers.

For more information, visit Press Pause Moments or Amazon.

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Interesting point about professionalism. Submitting work should be handled like a business. Writing is only half the equation. Thanks for sharing.

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