Thursday, July 12, 2012

Finding the Flash in Short Fiction

Find the flash in your short fiction

As e-readers and devices get smaller and time gets shorter, here's how to edit short fiction to reveal the flash:
  • Remove all unnecessary words.
  • Replace ambiguous and long phrases with one precise word.
  • Delete repetitious images and concepts.
Now that you've pared the verbiage:
  • Use one image to replace descriptive narrative.
  • Use one scene to represent the story.
  • Pare dialogue to the essentials.
  • Incorporate characters' thoughts in the dialogue.
Repeat the entire process. Now flash your audience.

Tip: This is also a great way to force yourself to edit your work to the essentials.

Resource: For more on flash, visit the Writers Digest article "What Is Flash Fiction."

Happy writing!

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