Editing and Writing Services

Word for Words, LLC, is a boutique editing and writing services firm that offers emerging and established fiction and nonfiction writers personalized assistance throughout the writing, editing and publishing process. Whether yours is a short story or novel, biography or memoir, article or essay, Word for Words offers comprehensive editing and writing assistance toward publication.

Classes and Workshops
Our innovative workshops cover a range of topics of critical interest to writers, such as:
  • The Seven Rs of Editing
  • Write From the Start of Nonfiction
  • From Concept to Creation: Write and Complete Your Nonfiction Book
  • Fiction Techniques for Nonfiction
  • Dreamweaving Your Novel 1 and 2
  • Structuring Your Novel Through Backstory
  • A Sense of Place, on Settings
  • Writing Fiction, for Writers With a Dual Heritage
  • When Do I Need an Editor?
  • Working With Editors and the Editorial Process

Quick Start: Individual Critiques
The Quick Start Critique helps writers jump-start their writing projects by providing a personalized critique of the work.

For More Information
For more information on our editing and writing services, visit Word for Words, LLC, or contact Word for Words.